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What is Clinical Nutrition Consultancy (CNC)?

CNC is run by Ruth Reidy and is a full-time private nutrition & dietetic service based in Midleton and Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. The aim of CNC is to provide 'nutrition 4 u', whether you are an individual seeking specific nutritional advice or a company that wants nutritional input for your staff, your canteen or your marketing department. The services CNC provides are numerous and varied.


What is a Clinical Nutritionist / Dietitian?

A Clinical Nutritionist or Dietitian working in Ireland has a recognized qualification in Nutrition & Dietetics and is a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (I.N.D.I.). We have a scientific and medical background, which ensures that we can educate you on your nutritional needs, taking into account any medical condition you may have.


Who Is Your Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian?

Ruth Reidy is a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetics Institute (I.N.D.I.) and is an honours graduate of the BSc of Human Nutrition & Dietetics at Trinity College Dublin and Kevin Street D.I.T. She has worked in both the Hospital and Community areas including Limerick Regional Hospital, the Bon Secours Hospital Cork & HSE North Cork Primary Care in Mallow. She has worked in many different specialties including Intensive care, surgery, eating disorders, paediatrics, obesity clinics, diabetes, heart disease, gastroenterology, to name but a few. Since early 2015, she is also the In-Patient Dietitian at the Cork Mater Private Hospital.


Ruth ran an obesity clinic for people taking Xenical. She is a member of the following INDI Special Interest Groups: Gastroenterology, Weight Management, Diabetes and Cardiology. Since graduation, she has obtained a Certificate in Health Promotion from the Open University and a Certificate in Interpersonal Communications Skills from UCC. More recently she graduated from UCC with a Diploma in Parent Mentoring in November 2012. She worked as a Diabetes Xpert tutor for 6 years while working for the HSE in North Cork Community care area and is also a qualified FODMAP tutor, which is so important for IBS nutritional management & treatment.


Because Ruth is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian and active member of the INDI, your appointment fees are approved and may be claimed back with your Out-patient expenses with the following companies: VHI Healthcare, LAYA Healthcare, Aviva Healthcare and Glo Healthcare.



Paediatric Clinic


Ms Olivia Walsh, Clinical Specialist Paediatric DietitianMs Olivia Walsh, Clinical Specialist Paediatric Dietitian,
B.Sc (Hum Nut), Dip(Diet), M.I.N.D.I  


We’re delighted to announce that team Nutrition4u is expanding! In recent months we have grown in numbers and will be a team of 3 from January 2016. Olivia is very welcome to Nutriton4u and she will be expanding our Paediatric Clinic services.

Olivia completed her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition in University of Ulster, Coleraine and completed her postgraduate diploma in Dietetics in King's College in London. Since early 2009 Olivia has been working as a Dietitian and has gained a wide range of experience in large teaching hospitals in London. She has worked with both adults and children but has specialised in Paediatrics over the past couple of years. Olivia has gained experience in working with adult patients with surgical, gastrointestinal, oncology and metabolic conditions such as PKU. Her Paediatric experience has covered allergies, obesity, faltering growth, fussy eating, diabetes and neonatal nutrition. Olivia's main interests are in Paediatric food allergies, behavioural feeding problems and neonatal nutrition.

Olivia is a member of the British Dietetic Association and the INDI. She also is a member of specialist groups such as the FAISG (Food Allergy & Intolerance Specialist Group) and NDIG (Neonatal Dietitians Interest Group). Olivia has attended many professional courses including two of the British Dietetic Paediatric Masters Modules.
In her spare time Olivia has a keen interest in many sports and likes to keep active playing gaelic football, tag rugby and going to the gym. She loves cooking and enjoys discovering new recipes and tasting new cuisines from all around the world. She also loves to travel and explore new places. Olivia will be starting in Little Island in early January 2016.


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Ruth Reidy Clinical Nutrition Consultancy

Individual Consultations

A Clinical Nutritionist receives referrals for a variety of reasons. This referral
can be from a G.P. or Hospital Consultant or directly from any person. The following
are a list of medical conditions that often necessitate being seen by a Dietitian.


Diabetes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Hyperlipidaemia & Heart Health
Coeliac Disease Nutrition & Pregnancy  Healthy Eating for Children 
Crohn's Disease  Ulcerative Colitis Constipation in Children & Adults
High Blood Pressure Weight Management Diverticular Disease
GORD (Reflux) High Cholesterol  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Corporate Consultations

* 6-week Healthier Weight for Companies
* Clinical Nutrition service to Nursing Homes 
* Helping Food businesses with Menu analysis
* Analysis of Food labels & Recipes
* Mediawork: articles, interviews, publications
* Dietetic service in Occupational Health Depts